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Hey there, I'm Jenny!

Welcome! I am so glad you are here! (I like exclamation points so this is your fair warning. Ha!) I guess I should start by telling you a little about myself. I am 32 years young and a busy mother of two! My children are fourteen and two. I know, huge age gap but let me explain. My oldest is actually my husband's son. I just get to claim him as my own! (His mom approves, don't worry!) We have a very uniquely blended family and I am very proud to be apart of it! I have been married to my best friend for almost 4 years and we will be celebrating 10 years of togetherness this fall. Our relationship is founded upon our love of laughter, tacos, and The Office! 

I have not been in the photography game very long but I am not ashamed of it. My growth has been rapid over the past year and judging by my work now, you would never know that I haven't been doing this for many years. I am very proud of that! I work hard everyday to perfect my craft and I am a student for life! I love to learn and try new things. I want to deliver nothing less than the best for all of my clients! This quality of mine does not stop at shooting and editing. I aim to provide the best possible client experience possible! 

I find joy in creating joy! My sessions are always filled with fun! I am a jokester and have a pocket full of dad-jokes and I throw them out like confetti! My son will definitely vouch that I am extremely dorky and corny. His head might actually fall off his shoulders one day from shaking it so hard at my ridiculous attempts to "be cool"! I believe that sessions should be a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you and your loved ones can feel free to be yourselves. You should be less worried about posing perfectly and more focused on making memories together while I capture it all! Yes, I direct you just a bit based on my knowledge of angles and light BUT I aim for organic smiles and connections. Life isn't stiff and stuffy so your family photos shouldn't be either! 


I hope that you feel we would be a good fit! Contact me through my email or social media pages and let's chat about making photography magic! 

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Tel: 757-309-6329

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